We hope you find the recordings on this website relaxing. Our aim is to provide background noises and voices which do not require any concentration and which will help you drift off into a peaceful sleep.

The recordings are a combination of outdoor sounds (nature, people speaking) and narrated passages from books. We have recorded the outdoor sounds and the narrated passages are either public domain recordings or readings of public domain books we have recorded. We have edited the narrated passages and mixed up the order of the chapters. This is so that you are not concentrating on following a narrative but, instead, can lose yourself in their relatively random nature. We have also changed the tone and speed to make them more relaxing. People often ask what are the books which are being read in the recordings. We purposely don’t state the actual titles because we want the recordings to be anonymous, creating more of a rambling and random tone. The idea is not to concentrate on what is being said but to let the words wash over you as you drift off to sleep.

We welcome any feedback (good or bad) and/or suggestions for future recordings. Use our contact page for this.


iTunes art from Randen Pederson